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Under Graduate Courses

AKS University offering following UGC approved undergraduate programs.

B.Tech. CSE in AI & DS

Focuses on advanced concepts like Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, data analytics, and big data technologies

B.Sc. IT (Hons.)

B.Sc. in IT (Hons) program offers a cutting-edge curriculum, hands-on learning experiences, and industry exposure, preparing students for successful careers in the rapidly evolving field of IT.

B.Tech CSE Cyber Security

B.Tech CSE in Cyber Security is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to secure computer systems, networks, and data from cyber threats and attacks.

B.Tech./ B.Tech. LE in Computer Science & Engineering

Students typically engage in laboratory sessions where they can apply theoretical concepts to real-world problems.

B.Tech./ B.Tech. LE in Electrical Engineering

Develop and optimize Electrical systems and devices for various applications

Bachelor of Computer Application (Hons.)

Graduates can pursue roles in both national and international organizations, with prospects for career growth and advancement.

Master of Law (LL.M.)

LL.M. programs allow students to deepen their knowledge and expertise in specific areas of law.


The curriculum of a B.B.A. LL.B. program is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in both business and law.


BA LL.B. program is designed to provide students with a broad-based education in both the arts and law.

B.Sc. Agriculture

The scope of BSc Agriculture is vast, with opportunities in areas such as agricultural research.

B.Com. / B.Com.(Hons.)

It cover topics such as economics, accountancy, business studies and statistics and many more.


B.Com.LL.B. program is designed to provide students with a broad-based education in both the arts and law.

B.Com. Computer Application

B.Com with Computer Applications integrates the fundamental principles of commerce with the practical applications of computer technology.

B.Com. Financial Management

B.Com. Financial Management is an undergraduate program that focuses on providing students with a comprehensive understanding of financial principles and practices.

B.Com. Economics

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) in Economics is a specialized undergraduate degree program that focuses on economic theory, principles, and their application in various sectors.

B.Com. / B.Com.(Hons.) CAP

B.Com. Hons. Corporate Accounting Practice is a specialized undergraduate program focusing on advanced accounting principles, financial analysis, auditing, taxation, and corporate laws.

B.Com./B.Com.(Hons.) CSP

B.Com. in Corporate Secretarial Practice is a specialized undergraduate program that focuses on imparting knowledge and skills related to corporate governance, legal compliance, and secretarial practices within corporations.

B.Tech./ B.Tech. LE in Civil Engineering

B.Tech. Civil Engineering is a comprehensive undergraduate program that focuses on the design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure, such as buildings, roads, bridges, dams, and more.

B.Tech. in Biotechnology

It encompasses areas such as genetic engineering, molecular biology, bioinformatics, bioprocessing.

B.Tech./ B.Tech. LE in Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural engineering optimizes farming methods and machinery for sustainable production.

B.Tech./ B.Tech. LE in Food Technology

Graduates can work in roles related to food production, product development, quality control, and food safety management.

B.Tech./ B.Tech. LE in Mechanical Engineering

Graduates can work in roles related to design, analysis, research, and development.

B.Tech/ B.Tech. LE in Mining Engineering

Focuses on the exploration, extraction, and processing of minerals and ores. It covers various aspects of mining operations.

B.Tech./ B.Tech. LE in Cement Technology

It equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary for careers in the cement industry.

Bachelor in Performing Arts

Bachelor's degree in Performing Arts is a comprehensive program designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in various aspects of the performing arts industry.

Bachelor of Design (B.Des.)

A Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) program is an undergraduate degree focused on nurturing creative thinking, design skills, and problem-solving abilities.

B.Sc. in Computer Science (CS)

B.Sc. in Computer Science is an undergraduate program that focuses on the fundamental principles and practices of computer science.

B.Sc. in Mathematics

B.Sc. Mathematics is an undergraduate degree program that delves deep into the study of mathematical theories, principles, and applications.

B.Sc. in Geology

B.Sc. Geology is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on the scientific study of the Earth's structure, composition, and processes.


B.Ed. is an undergraduate academic degree that prepares students to work as teachers in schools.

Bachelor of Art in Computer Application

The program provides students with a foundational understanding of computer programming and applications, along with subjects of humanities.

Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT)

The Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT) is a professional undergraduate degree program focused on training students in various aspects of medical laboratory science and technology.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (B.P.T.)

Bachelor of Physiotherapy is a 4-year undergraduate course, including compulsory 6 months of clinical internship, and involving the science of physical movement aimed at preventing and treating disease and disability.

Bachelor of Art (BA)

This flexibility can be appealing to those who have diverse interests and want to tailor their education to suit their passions.

B.Sc. (Hons) Biotechnology

It covers topics such as molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, and bioprocessing.


pharmacy is a global industry offering opportunities for employment and collaboration in various countries and regions worldwide.

Bachelor of Business Administration ( BBA )

Opportunities in various sectors such as corporate, government, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurship, and academia.

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