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B.Tech./ B.Tech. LE in Cement Technology

B.Tech./ B.Tech. LE in Cement Technology

It equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary for careers in the cement industry.

B.Tech. in Cement Technology is broad, with opportunities in cement manufacturing companies, construction firms, research institutions, government regulatory agencies, and consulting firms.

B.Tech. in Cement Technology

AKS University takes pride in being the first university in the country to introduce a 4-year B.Tech. Cement Technology program back in 2012. We are committed to providing our students with the latest knowledge and skills required by the cement industry. It covers all aspect of the Cement Industry right from raw material to finished product and marketing also. It also covers chemistry of cement, kiln operation, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability etc.


B. Tech in Cement Technology - 10+2 (PCM) Passed with minimum 45%

B. Tech in Cement Technology (Lateral Entry) - Diploma (Engg.) or BE/ B. Tech. 1st Year in relevant branch or B.Sc. (3 years with PCM) Pass with minimum 45%


B. Tech in Cement Technology - 4 Years

B. Tech in Cement Technology (Lateral Entry) - 3 Years

Job Opportunities: 

Graduates of B.Tech. in Cement Technology programs have various job opportunities in the cement industry and related sectors.

Why Choose This Course?

Cement technologists play a crucial role in promoting sustainable cement production practices, reducing environmental impact, and improving energy efficiency.

Specialized Expertise: The program provides specialized knowledge and skills in cement manufacturing processes, quality control, and sustainability, making graduates highly sought after in the cement industry.

Course curriculum: Our course curriculum is meticulously designed to meet the demands of the cement industry and incorporate the latest technological advancements. With a strong focus on practical training, our state-of-the-art laboratories ensure hands-on experience for all our students.

Career Stability: The cement industry is essential for infrastructure development and construction activities, providing stable career opportunities for cement technologists.

Global Demand: With increasing urbanization and infrastructure development worldwide, there is a growing demand for skilled cement technologists globally. By choosing AKS University, you not only tap into the thriving Indian cement industry but also open doors to opportunities abroad. The demand for skilled cement technocrats extends beyond national borders, giving you a chance to explore exciting career prospects around the world.

Diverse Career Paths: Graduates can pursue diverse career paths in areas such as production, quality assurance, research and development, environmental management, and technical sales within the cement industry.

Industry Expertise at Your Disposal
In addition to our dedicated training & placement cell, the Cement Technology department at AKS University has an independent cell headed by highly experienced senior executives from the cement industry. These industry veterans facilitate plant visits and vocational training, ensuring that you gain practical insights and hands-on experience directly from professionals who have excelled in the field.

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