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B.Sc. Agriculture

B.Sc. Agriculture

The scope of BSc Agriculture is vast, with opportunities in areas such as agricultural research.

Government and private sector agricultural agencies, agribusiness firms, food processing industries, agricultural marketing, and entrepreneurship in agriculture-related ventures.


About: It includes both theoretical knowledge and practical training, with an emphasis on modern agricultural techniques, technologies, and sustainable practices.

Eligibility: Must have completed their higher secondary education (10+2) with a science stream, preferably with subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics.

Duration: The course is a four-year undergraduate degree program divided into Eight semesters with a combination of classroom lectures, laboratory work, and field visits.

Job Opportunities: Graduates of B.Sc. Agriculture programs have various job opportunities in both the public and private sectors.

Why Choose This Course?

Vital Industry: Agriculture is the backbone of society, providing food security and livelihoods for billions of people worldwide. By studying agriculture, you contribute to addressing global challenges such as food scarcity and environmental sustainability.

Diverse Career Opportunities: B.Sc. Agriculture opens doors to a wide range of career paths, including agricultural research, agribusiness management, agricultural extension services, food processing industries, and government agricultural agencies.

Hands-On Learning: The program offers practical training in agricultural techniques, farm management, and rural development, allowing you to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world agricultural settings.

Contribution to Society: By choosing a B.Sc. Agriculture, you play a crucial role in ensuring food security, promoting sustainable development, and improving the livelihoods of farmers and rural communities.

Apply Course: Overall, B.Sc. Agriculture offers a fulfilling and dynamic career path with the opportunity to make a positive impact on agriculture, the environment, and society as a whole

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