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Our Vision

The vision of AKSU MSME Business Incubation Center is to create, transform and expand the innovative solutions for the development of society. The vision of AKSU MSME Business Incubation Center is to inspire, innovate and engage young aspiring, igniting and innovative minds to explore and elaborate the Smart inventions that can be techno/socio driven for the benefit of the society. From Satna, AKSU MSME Business Incubation Center had organized and imprints its excellence by participating in various programs, hackathons organized by various incubation centers or by the government organizations. 

Our Vision

Our Objectives

he main objective of AKSU MSME BIC (Business Incubation Center) is to create jobs at local level and reduce un-employment by creating a favourable ecosystem for entrepreneurial development in the country. The main focus area under the livelihood incubation is to take up those commercial activities, which are need based to create enterprises in the rural areas of the country. The AKSU BI program will be implemented as follows:

  •  To set up business incubators so that eligible youth can be adequately incubated in various skills and be provided the   opportunity to set up their own business enterprises;

  •  To impart entrepreneurship, and skill development training to youth;

  •  To provide mentoring and hand holding with facilitation for funding with a view to
    empower them to set up own business enterprises.

  • To promote new low-end-technology/vocal-for-local prior business models.


An Institute level Empowered Committee on AKSU Business Incubation Center Board, has been constituted for the management of AKSU MSME BIC. The AKSU MSME BIC Board would be responsible for among other things:

  •  Finalization of the Membership criteria and terms and conditions (including space utilization fees.

  •  Screening of applications from prospective clients and final selection.

  •  Periodic monitoring of progress of members and review of their performance.

  • especially relating to technical collaboration with AKSU faculty/depts.

  • All matters relating to interaction between the AKSU MSME BIC members and AKS University system, including those concerning sharing of resources etc.

In short, the AKSU MSME BIC Board will have full authority over all matters pertaining to AKSU MSME BIC, including that of revoking the membership of a Resident Company if it fails to fulfil the laid down criteria of eligibility or deviates significantly from its original plans and commitments.


Business incubators are a powerful economic development tool, which promotes growth through innovation, and application of technology, support economic development strategies for small business development, and encourage growth from within local economies, while also providing a mechanism for technology transfer. The Technology Business Incubators would primarily focus on those technologies, which needs support for commercialization and further proliferation. These can act as a growth driver in the low-end spectrum of the incubation eco-system. The components under the program will include mentoring support in business and technology plans, networking of business resources, entrepreneurship cum skill development, identification of appropriate technology, hands on experience on Projects, Projects/ Products selection, project report preparation, credit facilitation, seed capital assistance, marketing assistance, professional assistance to make the enterprise successful and achieve higher growth. Technology based new enterprises are typically characterized as high risk and high growth ventures, and as such, they require an enabling environment like AKSU MSME Business Incubation Center to enhance the prospects of success.I

Our Team

The Ministry of MSME would support the establishment of incubation centers that are already operating under various Ministries and Departments of the Government of India or institutions, such as national or regional level institutions of the GOI/State Governments, to incubate and launch businesses in the area of Techno-Socio-Agro based industries. The Ministry of MSME would support Business Incubators, primarily in and around academic and technical institutions, to tap potential technological ideas and innovations for business creation by efficiently utilizing the knowledge and existing infrastructure already available with the incubators under the aforesaid institutions.

Prof. Kamlesh Choure

    CEO and MD


Profile: linkedin.com/in/prof-kamlesh-choure-52549b11
 Er. Arpit Srivastava

  Incubation In-charge


Profile: linkedin.com/in/er-arpit-srivastava
 Mr. Vivek Agnihotri

  Incubation Coordinator


Profile: linkedin.com/in/vivek-kumar-agnihotri-2616a8111


A Successful Initiative

Since 2015, AKS University is kept constant efforts to create innovations in local regions to make it vocal for global enhancement, with the establishment since 2020 of AKSU MSME Business Incubation Center, multiple product and process driven technologies have been developed indigenously which is now being commercialized to create employment opportunity.

Opportunistic Objectives of AKSU MSME Business Incubation Center

  • To set up Technology based incubators for incubation of innovative ideas/technology in the Techno-Socio-Agro-based industry.

  •  Technology Commercialization: to provide a platform for speedy commercialization of technologies developed in the host  institution or any academic and R&D institution of the country.

  •  Periodic monitoring of progress of members and review of their performance.

  • Interfacing and Networking: to provide networking between academia, industry and financial institution.

  • Value Addition: to provide value added services viz. legal, financial, technical, IPR,etc. to incubates..

  • New Enterprise Creation: to promote new technology/knowledge-based enterprises.

Recent Accomplishments

AKS University Business Incubator

MSME Idea Hackathon 3.0 for Women Innovators

Select HI/BI Host Institute as AKS UNIVERSITY

Register Your Idea https://my.msme.gov.in/inc/Hackathon_Reg.aspx

LAST DATE for SUBMISSION of IDEAS on Portal is 11 July, 2023

Who Can Join MSME Idea Hackathon 3.0?

  • Any women innovator- having e-mail and mobile number.

  • Women Owned MSME- having Udyam Registration number Individual category has now been re-categorized into Student and Others.

  • Now Three categories (Women Owned MSME, Women Student, Other Women)

Financial Assistance of Rs. 15 Lakh to approved Ideas, For more details visit at https://my.msme.gov.in/inc/

Contact Us at: 9098782860, 9302812369

MSME Idea Hackathon 3.0 for “WOMAN Entrepreneurs” is now open to register their Ideas. This time MSME is giving specific opportunity to all Women to showcase their presentation and HI/BI AKS University is giving the platform to showcase the ideas and discuss their prototype with expert panels. AKS University Business Incubator is giving another opportunity to register your ideas and be the part of new transformation. For Details and Idea Registration visit at https://my.msme.gov.in/inc/


Previous Accomplishments

1. Exhibition at Smart City Satna Hackathon 2022 –

Impressive Moments for AKS University MSME business Incubation Center, at Smart City Satna Hackathon 1.0 AKS University presented their valuable Innovative products and startups under the name of "Biotechnology Innovations" in which Nano-biofertilizers, Bio- detergent and Microbial Degrading Compost were showcased. From AKSU, "Eradication of Water Hyacinth by biological method" and "TiffyTaste Pvt Ltd" startup was considered the most impressive idea among 52 startups present in the Hackathon. From AKSU, one of the panelists Prof. Kamlesh Choure (Director AKSU MSME Business Incubation Center) encouraged the startups and explained the value addition of ideas for the development of Satna. Eminent personalities Sh. Yogesh Tamrakar (Satna Mayor), Sh. Ganesh Singh (M.P. Satna), Sh. Anurag Verma (IAS, Collector, Satna), various Jury members, and panelists appreciated the startups and products being exhibited by AKSU MSME Business Incubation Center.


S. No.Name of the EntrepreneurName of Startup
 1.Mr. Ripu SudanTIFFYTASTE
2.Mr. Vivek AgnihotriPhytoFungi – Water Hyacinth


 2.Selection at M.P. Startup Conclave (Indore, 2022) -

At the MP Startup Conclave, Indore on 13th May, with the aegis of Smart City Satna Incubation Center, the team of MSME Business incubator, AKS UNIVERSITY had shown their enthusiastic presence among 100+ Startup expo and 50+ distinguished speaker.The presence of honorable Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan had made another significant recognition at Brilliant Convention Center, Indore. The Madhya Pradesh Startup Conclave had witness participation of various pillars of the startup ecosystem including policy makers from government and private sector,innovators,entrepreneurs,academicians,investors,mentors and other stakeholders.It had witness a variety of sessions including speed mentoring session, where startups had dialogue with leaders of educational institutions and startup space;how to start startup session, where startups has been guided by policymakers;funding session, where entrepreneurs had learning about various funding methods; pitching session, where startups had got opportunity to collaborate with investors and put forth their ideas for funding; and ecosystem support session, where participants had learn about brand value and about promoting startup ecosystem in the state. From AKS University, 2 Canopy presented by the faculty team (Dr. Akhilesh A. Waoo, Mr. Vivek K. Agnihotri, Er. Arpit Srivastava) and one of the student Mr. Amit Kushwaha (MCA) was present. The showcase highlighted were 1. IOT Enabled Smart Agriculture 2. Development of range of Bioproducts for Agriculture. AKS University, MSME Business Incubator and Smart City Satna Incubation Center had proved that mega solutions for societies are coming from 3 tier cities and this was going to create historical examples in upcoming future. Precisely, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi had launched the Madhya Pradesh Startup Policy and address the startup community during the Madhya Pradesh Startup Conclave.



S. No.Name of the EntrepreneurName of StartupIdea Domain
 1.Dr. Akhilesh A. Waoo and Team  IOT Enabled Smart
Agriculture and
 2.Er. Arpit Srivastava and TeamDevelopment of range of
 Bioproducts for Agriculture
 3.Mr. Ripu SudanTIFFYTASTEFood-Technology
and Management


 3. Organized MSME Idea Hackathon 2022 –

Recently AKSU MSME Business Incubation Center had organized MSME Idea Hackathon 2022 on 6 th of April 2022 in which 30 participants have presented their ideas out of which 14 ideas were recommended by the committee


S. No.Name of The ParticipantReference Number    Remarks
   1       Sagar Nigam INC22AMP000837 Recommended
   2         Ripu Sudan INC22AMP000863 Recommended
   3       Dr. Kamlesh Choure INC22AMP002474 Recommended
   4      Dr. Kamlesh Choure INC22AMP004417 Recommended
   5      Sourabh Singh Gour INC22AMP002670 Recommended
   6        Dr. Akhilesh Waoo INC22AMP003203 Recommended
   7        Vivek Agnihotri INC22AMP003220 Recommended
   8         Shilpi Singh INC22AMP003299 Recommended
   9          Rama Shukla INC22AMP003420 Recommended
  10          Vinod Sahu INC22AMP003559 Recommended
  11      Er. Arpit Srivastava INC22AMP000541 Recommended
  12     Akash Singh Jaadon INC22ARJ003825 Recommended
  13      Shailendra Yadav INC22AMP004198 Recommended
  14    Virendra Kumar Pandey INC22AMP005040 Recommended



In the program of MSME Idea Hackathon 2022 organized by the Ministry of MSME, Govt of India, from Host Institute, AKS University MSME Business Incubator, 23 innovative business ideas were presented and screened in the first stage of evaluation by the committee members on 6th of April 2022. Committee members of 6 experts, Ms. Anugya Handoo, SSO, MSME Development Institute, Indore (MP), Sh. Pankaj Yadav, Assistant Manager, SME, State Bank of India, Sh. Nikhil Khandelwal, Member, Vindhya Chamber of Commerce, MM Sharda Rare Earth Pvt. Ltd. Satna (MP), Dr. Harshvardhan, Pro Vice-Chancellor, AKS University, Dr. S. S. Tomar, Dean, Faculty of Agriculture Science & Technology, AKS University, Satna, Prof. R. N. Tripathi, Dean, Faculty of Basic Sciences, AKS University, Satna, these members have evaluated all business innovative ideas on a broad scale and recommended 14 best business innovative ideas. The presenters have delivered their ideas from various domains like Data Science, Biotechnology, Information technology, Engineering, Chemical Science, Food/Vendor Sectors, Agriculture, and Education sector. AKS University wishes all entrepreneurs the best of luck with their future enthusiastic goals and endeavors. As per the guidelines provided by the Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India for selection of ideas received in MSME Idea Hackathon 2022 under and first stage evaluation by the Committee, following members of the Committee were present in the meeting conducted on 06 April, 2022 a 2:00 PM onwards in Meeting Room: A1, A-Block of Host Institute (HI): AKS University, Satna (MP) 485001.



S. No.

       Name and designation

      of the committee member


         Ms. Anugya Handoo,

SSO, MSME Development Institute, Indore (MP)

MSME-DI, Indore

       Sh. Nikhil Khandelwal,

Member, Vindhya Chamber of Commerce and Association, Satna

MM Sharda Rare Earth Pvt. Ltd. Satna (MP)

Industry Expert

         Sh. Pankaj Yadav,

 Assistant Manager, SME, State                   Bank of India

Financial Expert

         Dr. Harshvardhan,

Pro Vice Chancellor, AKS University

Host Institute

         Dr. S. S. Tomar,

Dean, Faculty of Agriculture Science & Technology, AKS University, Satna

Subject Expert

         Prof. G.C. Mishra,

Director, Cement Technology,AKS University, Satna


Subject Expert


4. AKS University hosted an MOU signing ceremony as well as a Hackathon Bootcamp. During the event, Hon'ble Pro Chancellor Er. Anant Soni, Vice Chancellor Dr. R.S. Tripathi, and Pro Vice Chancellor Dr. Harshavardhan Shrivastava signed a Memorandum of Understanding between Satna Smart City Incubation Centre and AKS University. This accomplishment is dedicated to AKSU students for their entire development and recognition as entrepreneurs. The Smart City Satna Incubation Centre has provided AKS University with a significant approach and insights to create entrepreneurs, and this MOU has resulted in the establishment of a common platform where students can be inspired, innovate, and engage themselves on profitable ideas, and will lead through the support of mentors and domain expertise. Hackathon 1.0, which was organized by SIC, Satna in the near future too with respect to the presentation of numerous concepts and their executions. On the 1st of April, the MOU signing event was held, and Chief Guest Deputy Commissioner Nagar Nigam Satna, Shri Bhupendradev Parmar, was there and engaged with students. He gave mature perspectives on entrepreneurship and the New Education Policy 2020. He enthused pupils by emphasizing the importance of being an entrepreneur and how their innovative ideas may benefit society. Smart Satna Hackathon 1.0 was explained in order to raise awareness and inspire students to participate in the Smart Satna Hackathon 1.0, which was organized by the Smart City Satna Incubation Center at AKS University. Sh. Deependra Singh Rajput, E-Governance manager smart city Satna, Sh. Amardeep Dugal- Company Secretary Smart City Satna, Sh. Nitin Jain, Technology Lead Satna Incubation Centre, Sh. Akhilendra Rai - Startup Mentor Satna Incubation Centre, Mrs. Ragini Tripathi, PR Manager and Startup Consultant smart city Satna incubation center, Sh. Uttam Dwivedi - Project. Manager Sh. Nitin Jain, Satna Incubation Centre’s Technology Lead, gave a presentation about Hackathon 1.0 and its background and vision.




Idea to Innovation by our Incubatees


S. No.Name of The Participant  Reference Number         Idea    Segment
1Sagar NigamINC22AMP000837Smart Bike (Dual Fuel +Electric)Technology
2Ripu SudanINC22AMP000863Food Delivery and Management SystemTechnology
3Dr. Kamlesh ChoureINC22AMP002474Nano biofertilizerAgro-Technology
4Dr. Kamlesh ChoureINC22AMP004417Bio-compost Microbial FormulationBiotechnology
5Sourabh Singh GourINC22AMP002670Cordy TeaBiotechnology
6Dr. Akhilesh WaooINC22AMP003203IoT Enabled Smart AgricultureIoT
7Vivek AgnihotriINC22AMP003220Phtofungi for Water Hyacinth EradicationBiotechnology
8Shilpi SinghINC22AMP003299Banana Plant Tissue CultureBiotechnology
9Rama ShuklaINC22AMP003420Google Assisted Home Automation SystemTechnology
10Vinod SahuINC22AMP003559Mobile Plant DoctorAgro-Technology
11Er. Arpit SrivastavaINC22AMP000541Tomato Chaat OnlineFoodpreneur
12Akash Singh JaadonINC22ARJ003825TestWinGame Technology
13Shailendra YadavINC22AMP004198BiopaintBiotechnology
14Virendra Kumar PandeyINC22AMP005040Functional FoodsFood Technology

These incubatees have presented their innovative ideas at various platforms and also being registered to MSME portal in Idea hackathon 2022. The innovative solutions they have provided was diverse and also are able to create a lot opportunities for generating job employment in the local section. Further, all segment has been covered by the AKSU MSME Business Incubation Center.

The objectives of these enrolled incubates are to provide:

  • To create jobs/employment, wealth and business in alignment with national priorities.

  •  To promote new technology/knowledge/innovation-based Solutions for the society..

  •  To provide a platform for speedy commercialization of technologies developed by the host institution or by any academic/technical/R&D institution or by an individual..

  • To provide cost-effective, value-added services to society.

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