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Industry Interface

Better interaction between technical institutions and various Industries is the need of the hour. This will have great bearing on the engineering curriculum, exposure of


industrial atmosphere to engineering students and subsequent placement of young graduating engineers in industries across the country.

With the advent of globalization and opening up of Indian economy to outside world, competition among industries has become stiff. To solve the engineering problems they look up now to Engineering Institutions. Similarly, there is an urgent need to prepare engineering students for jobs in multinational companies, by exposing them to newer technologies and engineering methodologies. These objectives can only be achieved well by bridging the gap between industry and the academic institute.

To promote Academia-Industry Interface the following steps are being undertaken and explored:

 Organizing Workshops, conferences and symposia with joint participation of the faculty and the industries
 Participation of experts from industry in curriculum development. Arranging visits of staff members to various industries. Professional consultancies by the faculty to industries
 Joint research programs and field studies by faculty and people from industries
 Memoranda of Understanding between the University and the industries to bring the two sides academically and strategically closer

 B.Tech and M.Tech. Projects/dissertation work in industries under the joint guidance of the faculty and experts from industry
 Internship in Industry  Visiting faculty / Professionals from industries
 Professorial Chairs created by industries at the University  R& D Laboratories established by industries at the University
 Scholarships/fellowships instituted by industries at the University for students

Innovation & Entrepreneur
Being private university we are committed to bridge the gap between Applied Skill & Education by introducing Entrepreneurial Training in every course we offer for which adequate infrastructure is available with us. The CESD (Centre for Entrepreneurship of Skill Development is operating with the objective to fill the gaps in the form of trained faculty and focused programs to inculcate entrepreneurial spirit among our students in particular & society at large.

Mission of CESD
“Develop institutional mechanism to create entrepreneurial culture in
academic institutions to foster growth of innovation and entrepreneurship
among the faculty and students”

Functions of CESD
1. To organize Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps(EACs), Entrepreneurship Development Programs (EDPs), Faculty Development Programs (FDPs), Management / Executive     Development Programs (MDPs) and Skill Development Programs in the university campus as well as outside the campus for the wider transfer of technology & skill enabled entrepreneurial activities. With the partnership of Dept. of Science & Technology (DST) Ministry of MSME, – Govt. of India, M.P. & different
Research & Development Organizations.
2. To initiate five innovative student projects each year for new innovative product or business model development.
3. To organize Business Plan Competitions every year & guide and assist prospective entrepreneurs on various aspects such as:
I. Preparing project reports
II. Obtaining project approvals
III. Loans and facilities from agencies of support system
IV. Information on technologies, etc.
4. To arrange interaction with entrepreneurs and create a mentor-ship scheme for student entrepreneurs.
5. To facilitate creation of entrepreneur’s club in Vindhya region to foster culture of opting entrepreneurship as a career option. Enterprise & Skill building to budding entrepreneurs.
6. To create Entrepreneurial culture in the academic ecosystem of our university campus and other institutions in the region and to promote the programs related to women and weaker sections of the society.
7. To inculcate a culture of innovation-driven entrepreneurship through student projects.
8. To catalyze and promote development of knowledge-based & socially
responsible and technologically sound enterprises and promote employment opportunities to the deprived section of country with innovative edge.

9. To respond effectively to the emerging challenges and opportunities both at national and international level relating to SMEs and micro enterprises.