Commerce & Financial Studies


Modern business and commerce education covers diversified field of education and research in management, finance, marketing, accounting and commercial business law. In order to attain economic growth one needs professional economists and accountants with advanced practical training to evaluate and analyze the complexities of large scale finances.

Management keeping in view the above facts and demand of the time, prospects of commerce as education and profession seems to be very bright in near future.

Commerce offers foundation for many professional careers like finance planning, accountancy, tax practioners, besides academics, research and many more. Persons having flair for accounting, finance, marketing and trading etc generally choose commerce as their first career choice.

Courses Offered

Courses offer a tough challenge but most of our students relish, ‘we demand a lot but we give a lot too’. We provide the following courses along with written specialization areas that makes a student competitive enough to be fit in the today’s competitive world.

Areas of specialization

B.Com. (Hons.) CSP Corporate Secretarial Practice
B.Com. (Hons.) CAP Corporate Accounting Practice
B.Com. Computer Application
B.Com. Economics




Taxation & Audit (With GST)

Accounting and Finance

Economics and management

Computer Application & E-Commerce
Banking & Insurance


Duration of Course : 3 Years (6 Semester)

Eligibility Criteria : 12th with minimum 45%  or equivalent exam

Research and skill Development

The faculty of Department of commerce together with the students can go for conducting research in the various fields of commerce.

Some recent areas of Research in Commerce are:

  •  Industrial fields and their impact on economy
  •  Financing aspect and banking policies
  •  Taxation and its implications in recent economic world
  •  Marketing and role of computers in commerce
  •  Development of Insurance sector in India


Practical Training

We provide practical knowledge to students through Industrial visits, field work in Insurance sector and banking sector, providing computer knowledge in filling up forms for TDS, ITR.


  • Computer Lab
  • Finance Lab


Head of Department-  Dr. Aslam Sayed

Other Staff Members - Dr. Dhirendra Ojha, Dr. Sachchhidanand, Mr. Vipul Sharma, Mr. Bharat Soni, Ms. Radhika Bansal, Ms. Shipra Mathur, Ms. Neha Goyal, Ms. Jaya Gupta, Ms. Rekha Patel