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Ph.D. in Agriculture

Ph.D. in Agriculture

The scope of Ph.D (Ag.) in Soil Science is broad, with opportunities in Soil testing laboratories,

fertiliser industries, organic farming, government and non-government regulatory agencies,
research institutions, and consulting firms.


It covers topics related to the manufacturing of various grades of fertilisers, organic manures
and pesticides applied to different crops. It also helps in understanding the management practices in
maintaining nutrient status, in the surface and subsurface for soils of different regions

Eligibility: M.Sc.(Ag.) in Soil Science 2-year course with a minimum 55% CGPA/OGPA is
requited of a Doctorate degree.

Duration: The doctorate programme is a minimum of 3 years and is divided into 6 semesters. It
includes coursework, laboratory work, experimental field trials and thesis work. It also includes
industrial/ institutional visits at local and national levels.

Why choose this course?

High Demand: The government non-government organisations, and private fertiliser companies
require a well-skilled candidate to maintain the soil quality and health. Also, fertile soil produces
the high yielding crops with less expenditure and maintains an eco-friendly nature in the soil and for all
living beings

Global Opportunities: Soil is the natural resource that governs various minerals and microbial
activities in itself. Deterioration in Soil fertility status: there are large opportunities in testing the
nutrient status its composition and management techniques used worldwide to improve
soil health, productivity and reduce farmers' expenses

Contribution to Resource Management: Soil Science programmes play a crucial role in
ensuring responsible and sustainable use of natural resources, contributing to environmental
conservation and resources management

Job Opportunity: A large crop yield is always associated with a detailed
understanding of the soil concerned; therefore, the soil is becoming a demanded avenue in the
specialized domain of studies. PhD from the Soil Science programme has a wide range of job
opportunities in the Private and government sectors at the National /International level.
Candidates may absorb in institutes as Research Assistants, Assistant Professors, Research
scientist in ICAR institutes and the environmental engineering domain.

Potential for career Advancement: Experience and expertise in soil sampling and nutrient
analysis of soil can progress soil scientists to higher-level positions such as Research
Assistant and manager in fertilizer industries as well as in agricultural government sectors

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