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Department of Agriculture Science

B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture is a four-year Under graduate Bachelor Degree Program. All Agricultural Universities in India offer this program in the agricultural sciences. AKS University also one of them and  ICAR accredited course.

It has several branches like Basic Sciences and Humanities, Crop production (Agronomy), Crop improvement (Plant breeding), Plant biotechnology, Plant protection, Natural Resource Management, Social Sciences (Agril. Economics and Extension and outreach), Agricultural Engineering and other inter-discipline courses.

B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture course at AKSU aims at combining concepts of Biology, Technology and Agriculture Science to boost Agricultural Productivity.

B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture trains students in the modern scientific methods of agricultural activity. The modern study of agriculture involves employing the methods of science in the activity of traditional agriculture. AKSU comes under the band of ICAR accredited private universities and aims to educate and train students in scientific methods to affect agricultural productivity in a sustainable way.

Program Education Objectives

  • To impart firsthand knowledge on agriculture and allied sciences
  • To impart in-depth practical knowledge in agriculture and allied sciences
  • To provide extensive knowledge on agri-allied sectors like livestock, Poultry
  • To disseminate different technologies through various extension activities
  • To identify and overcome the problems encountered in day-to-day agriculture
  • To provide knowledge on commercial agricultural production practices
  • To make students competitive in pursuing higher studies There is high demand for B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture graduates with the rise of Agriculture startups. These startups need B.Sc. agriculture graduates to grow Organic products at lower costs through innovation.


Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  • Students develop a clear idea about the subject Education, like nature, scope and aim of Education, factors, different agencies of education and child centric Education.
  • To provide knowledge from ancient to modern agricultural practices
  • To impart in-depth practical knowledge in crop cultivation practices
  • To give detailed knowledge about agri-allied sectors
  • To provide knowledge on working of different farm implements
  • To serve the rural agricultural population
  • To disseminate recent agricultural technologies through extension.
  • Detailed knowledge on various agri-business activities
  • Detailed knowledge on horticulture and sericulture practices
  • Students develop knowledge about the details history of Indian Education system.
  • Students gather knowledge about Educational Psychology, theories of psychology and their role and importance & impact in the field of education and education system.
  • Students develop the concept of guidance and counselling, various types of Guidance and basic data necessary for Guidance.
  • Students develop an understanding of educational technology, use of computer in education and communication, develop an understanding of ICT & e-learning and they also get acquainted with the instructional techniques and different models of teaching.
  • They also understand the criteria of constructing standardized tests and utility of statistics in the field of education.
  • The learners also develop an excellent communication skill, Skill for Democratic Citizenship and related theories, teaching skills, life skill education, peace and value education.

Course offered

Diploma in Agricultural Extension Services for Input Dealers

1 Year

 10th Pass
B.Sc. - AG (Hons)

4 Years

12th(PCM / PCB / Agriculture Stream) with minimum 60 %
M.Sc. Horticulture - Vegetable Science | Floriculture & Landscaping

2 Years

B.Sc. (Ag) with minimum 60 % with RAWE & Experiential work
M.Sc. Agronomy | Plant Pathology |Genetics and Plant Breeding | Soil Science

2 Years

B.Sc. (Ag) with minimum 60 % with RAWE & Experiential work
ICAR Accreditation

AKS University (AKSU) is a proud recipient of ICAR accreditation for its Faculty of Agriculture Sciences. AKSU received accreditation on 2022. AKSU, believes in imparting well-accredited knowledge to its students for creating a Trust Factor.

About ICAR:

The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) is an autonomous organization under the Department of Agricultural Research and Education (DARE), Ministry of Agriculture, and Farmers Welfare.

The ICAR is the top organization for scrutiny and coordination of Agricultural Research and Education, Fisheries and Animal Science, and Horticulture throughout INDIA. ICAR represent one of the world's largest National Agricultural System in the world accommodating 97 ICAR institutes and 45 Agricultural universities and number increasing.

ICAR accreditation authenticates the agriculture academics for its value and high quality. The ICAR has its headquarters in New Delhi.

Benefits to Students:

As a student of ICAR accredited AKS University your future as an agriculturist is in good hands and secure. ICAR accreditation is the symbol of trust which visibly prevails at AKS University's Faculty of Agricultural Science and Technology.

Career Prospects

After completing the course, graduates can find jobs in both the public and private sectors. The importance of agriculture is growing rapidly and thereby increasing job prospects in the field of agriculture.

Today, there are a number of research projects and teaching work related to agriculture in many Agricultural departments, Extension services, Research organizations, Commercial farming, etc.

The Bachelor of Science Honors in Agriculture degree serves as a basis for further higher studies in this field such as M.Sc. and a Ph.D. degree in Agriculture, the successful completion of which makes one eligible for the post of a lecturer in any university/college.

The Bachelor of Science Honors in Agriculture degree holder is eligible to do a Master of Science in Agriculture in any of a large number of specializations such as Agri Botany, Agri Bio-Technology, Agri-Chemistry, Agri Economics, Agri Extension, Agronomy, Agri Engineering, Agri Statistics, Agri Entomology, Forestry, Social forestry, Farming System Management, Horticulture, Microbiology, Plant Physiology, Ecology Plant Pathology, Plant Protection, Sugar Cane Technology, Seed Technology, Soil Science and Soil Conservation, Sericulture, Tea Husbandry, Water Conservation, etc.

The Gazetted post of Government of India as Agricultural Officer (Agronomist) is one of the most prestigious jobs in the public sector after BSc Agriculture. Some other jobs associated with the profile are:

  • Agriculture Officer
  • Assistant Plantation Manager
  • Agricultural Research Scientist
  • Business Development Executive
  • Marketing Executive
  • Agricultural Scientist
  • Agricultural Engineer
  • Agricultural Science Teacher
  • Breeding Manager
  • Cattle Foreman
  • Crop Consultant
  • Farm Manager
  • Field Agronomist
  • Food Technologist
  • Feed Plant Manager
  • Plant Geneticist
  • Pest Control Technician
  • ………… and many more


Infrastructure/ facilities

  • Agronomy Lab
  • Horticulture Lab
  • Soil Science and Agriculture Chemistry Lab
  • Entomology Lab
  • Agriculture Extension and communication Lab
  • Agriculture Economics Lab
  • Plant Pathology Lab
  • Animal science and fisheries lab
  • Biochemistry and crop Physiology / CIF Lab
  • Plant breeding Lab

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