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Faculty of Life Sciences and Technology



The Department of Biotechnology is established with the objective to provide excellent and sensible teaching with maximum practical and research exposure to create skilled and well-trained bio-technocrats and entrepreneurs as per academia and industry needs in the frontier areas of Microbiology and Biotechnology.


The mission of the Department is to flourish the students in value-based systems by exploring and nurturing their potential to discover novel bioproducts and to extend services for the betterment of the whole living system and the environment.


The vision of the department is Human and Environmental welfare. We, at the Department of Biotechnology, endorse each student by providing them maximum practical approach to understand their subjects in a better way of global standards and making them technologically advanced and ethically of high quality to serve the society.

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Hon'ble Mentors and BOS Advisors

Prof. Ashok Pandey (PROFILE)

Prof. P. S. Bisen (PROFILE)

Board of Studies External Members

Prof. Ragini Gothalwal PROFILE

Prof. Pramod Ramteke PROFILE

Prof. Anil Prakash PROFILE

Prof. C. P. Upadhyay PROFILE

Dr. P. K. Shukla PROFILE

Prof. S.P. Singh PROFILE

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Partners and Collaborators

  1. Life science sector skill development council, NSDC, Govt. of India
  2. Merck High End Skill Development Centre, Imtech-CSIR, Chandigarh
  3. SHRM Biotechnologies Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata
  4. 3B Blackbio Biotech India Ltd., Bhopal

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The faculty of Life Sciences & Technology is performing under the leadership of Dr G.P. Richhariya as Dean.

Prof. Kamlesh Choure, HoD, Biotechnology, and  Associate Dean, Faculty of Life Sciences & Technology

Dr. Ashwini A. Waoo (Professor)

Dr. Deepak Mishra (Professor)

Dr. Kamlesh Kumar Soni (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Arvind Gupta (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Ashutosh Pandey (Assistant Professor)

Er. Arpit Srivastava (Assistant Professor)

Mrs. Keerti Samdariya (Assistant Professor)

Mr. Pars Koshe (Assistant Professor)

Mr. Piyush Kant Rai (Teaching Associate)

Mrs. Sonal Gupta (Assistant Professor)

Mrs. Chahna Desai (Assistant Professor)

Mrs. Shaily Mishra (Assistant Professor)

Ms. Monika Soni (Laboratory Technician)

Mrs. Priya Dwivedi (Laboratory Assistant)

Mr. Vivek Kumar Agnihotri (Research Assistant)

Ms. Shilpi Singh (Research Assistant)

Mr. Laxman Soni 



All the degree programmes offered by the Department are based on their academic requirements are spelt out as a number of subject credits. Programs are structured in such a way that a student will be able to finish the programme in a stipulated number of semesters.

DurationCourse OfferedEligibility
3 YrsB.Sc. Hons (Biotechnology)Passed 10+2 with PCB/Biotech or equivalent examination with Minimum 45% (40% for Reserved categories)
4 YrsB.Tech. (Biotechnology)Passed 10+2 with PCM/PCB/Biotech or equivalent examination with Minimum 45% (40% for Reserved categories)
2 Yrs


  1. Biotechnology
  2. Microbiology
Graduation in relevant subject or Suitable combination with minimum of 45% Marks (40% for reserved categories)
2 YrsM.Tech. (Biotechnology)BE/B.Tech. in relevant branch or Equivalent or M.Sc. in Biotech/ Microbiology/Genetics/ Biochemistry or equivalent with minimum of 50% Marks (45% for reserved categories)s
As per University PhD OrdinancePh.D.M.Sc. in Biotechnology or allied sciences


All the degree programmes offered by the department are based on UGC CBCS System and are spelt out as a number of subject credits on their academic requirements. Programs are structured in such a way that a student will be able to finish the programme in a stipulated number of semesters.

The backbone of the department is the academic intellectual sense provided by a dedicated faculty and students coming from all across the country. The Department has a strong base in Microbial Technology and Plant Biotechnology and the main focus of the program is on Genetics, Molecular Biology, Industrial Microbiology, Immunology, Bioinformatics, Biochemistry and other contemporary areas allied to Microbiology and Biotechnology. Basic training is given in Microbiology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Developmental Biology, Genetic Engineering, Biochemical Engineering and some aspects of Biophysics, Biostatistics, Environmental Biology, Bioinformatics, and Genetic Engineering. Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary program with Life Sciences, Chemical Engineering and Bioprocesses. The students are educated with the industrial processes which evolve into byproducts using chemical engineering tools to design process equipments and optimize for effective production.

 The curriculum explains the use of living cells in bioprocesses along with their biochemical properties to be engineered in life sciences papers. The Department of Biotechnology offers a two years Post Graduate program leading to the Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Biotechnology, three years B.Sc. (Honours) Biotechnology, four years B. Tech Biotechnology and two years M. Tech in Biotechnology. All the programmes begin with fundamental courses in Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology and Molecular Biology and then proceed to a thorough study of their selected area of specialization. The Department also offers PhD in Biotechnology.


Mr. Abhas Gautam, B. Tech Biotechnology placed in Macleod Pharmaceuticals, Gujarat as an Apprenticeship Trainee-Fermentation Technology in R& D.

Mr. Rohit Barmate, B. Tech Biotechnology placed in Macleod Pharmaceuticals, Gujarat as an Apprenticeship Trainee-Fermentation Technology in R& D.

Mr. Pankaj Ku. Saket, M.Sc. Microbiology placed in Spice Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi on position Technical Officer (Diagnostics) 

Mr. Achintya Acharya, B. Tech Biotechnology placed in Zenotech Laboratories Ltd. Hyderabad on position TR. Officer Upstream Processing

Mr. Vishal Singh Thakur, B. Tech Biotechnology placed in Symbiotic PharmalabPvt. Ltd. Pithampur on position QC Technologist

Ms. Ritu Pandey, M.Sc. Biotechnology placed as DBT-JRF  in All India Institute of Medical Sciences-Bhopal and pursuing PhD.

Ms. Riya Khilwani, M.Sc. Biotechnology placed in National Institute of Immunology (NII), New Delhi as DST-INSPIRE Fellow. 

Mr. Shivpal Verma, M.Tech Biotechnology pursuing PhD in North-West A& F University, Yangling, China. 

Ms. Preeti Patel, M.Tech Biotechnology working as Project Fellow in AIIMS-Bhopal. 

Mr. Santosh Soni, B.Tech Biotechnology working as QC Technologist in Dawat Rice Pvt. Ltd. Haryana.

Mr. Achintya Acharya, B. Tech Biotechnology placed in Biocon Ltd. Bangalore on position TR. Officer Downstream Processing.

Mr. Amit Kanu, B. Tech Biotechnology placed in Reva Flora Culture on position of Training Supervisor.

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Upcoming Events

2nd International Conference on Advances and Innovations in Biotechnology for Sustainable Bioresources and Bioeconomy

AI-BSBB 2023, an international conference focusing on recent developments on the frontier areas of Biotechnology, will bring together scientists, engineers and other experts from across the world to deliberate on global developments in the fields of Industrial Biotechnology, Medical Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology and Food & Agriculture Biotechnology. It is planned as a major event to be held at Satna (Madhya Pradesh), India during November 22-25, 2023 with the participation of a large number of active researchers from all over the world. This conference will provide the premier multidisciplinary forum for researchers, practitioners and scientists to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends and practical challenges associated with biotechnology.

Visit at https://aibsbb2023.aksuniversity.ac.in/


Previous Events and News from Department of Biotechnology


Date : 27th – 31th March, 2023

Venue : AKS University, Satna (M.P.)


Creation of awareness through dissemination of knowledge related to conduction of proper research and development ethically is one of the foundation and core functions of the higher learning. By adopting good research ethics, the institutions of higher state may fulfill the requirements of the execution of cutting-edge research for the betterment of the society.

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BRSI XVIII Convention and International Conference at CSIR Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun

Dec 01, 10:00 AM GMT+5:30 – Dec 04, 5:00 PM GMT+5:30

Dehradun, Haridwar Rd, IIP, Mohkampur, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248005, India



Merck Virtual Workshop Series -2021 Workshops and Trainings: At Merck, we believe in training the next generation scientists and making them ready for academic and industrial world. Through year-round workshops and trainings, we help newbie and experienced research professionals in understanding the basics of science, learning specific skill sets and getting insights into the functioning of biotechnology industry. REGISTER HERE

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Department organized First International Conference on Recent Advances in Biotechnology



Increasing availability of biological information about human, plants, animals and microorganisms has allowed the harnessing of unexplored information, furthering our understanding of mechanisms of superior growth and survival. An eventual goal for the biotechnology would be optimizing the use of untapped/unexplored assets that can be utilized for further strengthening of the human life. The aim of AIBioSD-2019 Conference was to provide an advance-thinking environment for biotechnologist, microbiologists, environmentalists, bioinformaticians, statisticians and computer scientists together to discuss and understand the future challenges associated with biological phenomenon through innovative applications of new technologies. Conference had provided the premier multidisciplinary forum for researchers, practitioners and scientists to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends and practical challenges associated with biotechnology. The conference broadly covered topics in medical and pharmaceutical, food and agricultural, climate change and environmental biotechnology, waste management and bioremediation, energy, and industrial microbiology and biotechnology. We expected that this conference would foster new collaborations and help to define areas within biotechnology that are in most need of research attention in order to ensure better survival of human kind in future for sustainable development. Participation at this conference was the prime opportunity to keep pace with the cutting-edge research in such exciting topics and to network with other members of scientific community.


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 Official supporter of Biotech Research Society, India (BRSI) 10th International Conference

The Biotech Research Society, India and Malviya National Institute of technology, Jaipur jointly organized the 10th International Conference on Biotechnology for Sustainable Agriculture, Environment and Health (BSAEH-2021) on April 04-08, 2021. In the conference, 100+ speakers had participated across the world and presented their work. For AKS University, their dedication and work ethics made them the “Official Partner” of the 10th international conference. The efforts and dedication of academicians of AKS University (biotechnology department) had proved their efficiency to build up a common platform for scientific community. From Department of Biotechnology of AKS University, Prof. Kamlesh Choure (Head), Mr. Piyush K. Rai and Mr. Vivek Agnihotri had assisted the conference with organizing team at Jaipur. Prof. Kamlesh Choure was the session moderator and he had also presented the topic on ‘Nano-bioformulation of bioinoculants for improving the agriculture productivity’.

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eRefresher Course in Biotechnology during winter 2020

September-October 2020

Department of Biotechnology of AKS University believe in Come, Create and Collaborate theory and on the basis this “Biotech e-Refresher Course” was organized. The objective of this Biotech e-Refresher Course was to expand and explore the new horizons, developments made by the scientific communities for the betterment of society. 21st Century is the Era of Biotechnology where scientists, researchers, academicians and industrialists playing an important role in ideating, innovating and engaging self to provide numerous biological products, therapies and processes which can lead the society in multiple ways. With this vision, Department of Biotechnology of AKS University achieved success by organizing this e-Refresher Course of 55 days in which 19 workshops on topics like, Next Generation Sequencing, Metagenomics, Plant Tissue Culture, Microbial Therapeutics, Bio fertilizers, Vaccine Development, Stem Cell Engineering, Fermentation Technology, Intellectual Property Rights, Ethnobiology, Probiotics, Immunology, Rapid Diagnostics, Molecular Biology, Microbial Biodiversity, Gene Editing with CRISPR Technology, Genomics Assisted Strategies for Climate Resilient Crops, Scope, Career and Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology was covered by 50+ speakers from incredible institutes of India like ICMR - National Institute for Research in Environmental Health, DBT, DST, AIIMS, DBT-ICT-Centre for Energy Biosciences, Institute of Chemical Technology, ICRISAT, Hyderabad, NIPGR – New Delhi, CSIR-Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, IBSD – Sikkim, CSIR- Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, CSIR-National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology, CSIR – NBRI, IIT – Delhi, ICAR – IISR (Indore), ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi, Malviya National Institute of Technology – Jaipur, Merck – CSIR - Imtech Chandigarh and ICGEB – New Delhi. With this, research scientists from Indian universities like Barkatullah University, Amity University, SHUATS – Prayagraj, Gurukul Kangri University and Jiwaji university had also presented their extensive research domain that was beneficial for more than 200 participants from 29 states, 718 districts and 7 territories as recorded by the organizing committee of Biotech e-Refresher Course. With scientists & research scholars, the students of multiple colleges and universities across India had also benefited from this e-Refresher course. We believe that every single soul who participated in this e-Refresher course was transformed by innovative and advanced learning in the field of Biotechnology. 

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